Monday, October 29, 2007

Day 61: Energy to Fidget

Never before have I seen John have the energy to fidget just to be fidgeting. Today he did, he spent a good two hours just bouncing his leg up and down on his stroller. It was quite entertaining, especially considering we were in the treatment center because John ran a bit of a fever this morning. It's virus snot stuff, he got his flu shot today though and of course had labs and cultures and stuff drawn and got looked over thoroughly, but for all the world it just looks like the kids got a pretty good cold going.

Today is also the first day that I had school planned out instead of just winging it and I was impressed with how much stuff he sat through and enjoyed. We started with singing "Lord Keep Us Steadfast In Your Word", then read the story of the Annunciation out of his kids Bible, read through the Ten Commandments and their meanings and had morning prayer, then we colored the apple picture which finished off all the activities for "A" and went on to "B". I was impressed that John just showed me the sign for "B" before I even asked and he was delighted to blow bubbles, have me blow cotton balls around on the table and blow on his pinwheel. He glued construction paper balloons to a construction paper sky and was even happy to go through the cards that I made him for shapes and colors. I think this evening we'll blow stuff again and maybe color the banana for "B" leaving only the cool butterfly project left before we go on to the "C's". For the butterfly he's going to get to sort beans and then glue them to a big butterfly, he is going to totally love this, but I'm waiting until Mark comes and brings me a muffin tin for him to sort with. I've been really impressed with how much John loves and wants to do school, it's one of the first things he asks for in the morning, so I figured I would take advantage of his enthusiasm and we would have school often.

While we were in the treatment center I had the TV on PBS and I was amazed at how much of it he was catching. It makes me think that maybe instead of trying to have him play with his toys in the evening that I'll turn PBS Kids on in the afternoon and have him play then. John isn't very good at playing by himself and so this is one of those things that we are trying to learn. He's better at it at home, but even there he'd much rather be entertained by one of us.

I haven't told him yet that dad is coming back this week, I'll probably do that later today or tomorrow. We finally had to order new casters for the gait trainer as John ran his through the mud puddles at home enough that he thoroughly rusted the inside of them and they have gotten to the point that no amount of cleaning will make them roll easily anymore. So new wheels are on the way to our house and dad, new wheels, tools and a whole list of other junk is headed this way as soon as the new wheels appear! I can't wait to see John zip up and down the hallways again, and neither can a whole bunch of other people around here. I keep having to explain that he's okay, the wheels are the issue, and the nice maintenance guys keep offering to take them apart and work on them again. All in all we couldn't have landed in a more friendly place.

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