Monday, October 15, 2007

Day 47: So far so good

So the CT Scan is normal, no perforation, no abscess, no hernia, and while that's good news as there are no emergency surgery plans, it also means no answer. Little boy is conked out, they gave him a sedative for the CT scan so that he could hold still and he never fell asleep until we were all done and back in the room. Silly boy!

Our other news - it-so-stinkin-figures news is that the part on the Jeep that is dying is a $700 part, it could go without notice and they don't know how soon they can get another one because of course it's on backorder and will have to be gotten from another dealership that has one. Mark did ask enough questions to know that if it dies while he is driving that he will still have steering and brakes and also to get the part number and name of the nearest dealership so that he can call and beg the parts manager to please ship the piece quickly.

The weather here is a fine mist, the sky is grey and if the temperature was right it could so turn into snow, some sunshine would be nice, snow, not so much.


elephantschild said...

Ooooo.. $700, but leaves the steering and the brakes functioning... Hmmmm.... I'm going to guess water pump or fuel pump? That's too expensive for a timing belt. is our favorite car-parts place. We've got an order in right now for a van part. ;)

Just us Wryms said...

Oh I wish it was just a water or fuel pump this is some kind of computer thingy. Thanks, I'll check out that website, we've GOT to have this part cause Mark is supposed to be coming to see us Sunday.