Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Day 56: Field Trip and Weight Gain

Today John got to see the back of the tray return in the cafeteria, he's been fascinated with this thing ever since we got here and today one of the kind cafeteria ladies arranged for him to get to watch the back of it, he was impressed. The same lady gave him a pumpkin this morning and so now he's been signing pumpkin over and over and he likes to hold it and knock on it. We'll probably carve it up for him tomorrow and let him see it with a face on it.

At clinic on Tuesday John weighed 24 pounds 13 ounces, that is officially the biggest he has ever been in his entire life and at 34 inches long it makes him right in the middle of the growth chart for height to weight, even though he is still under the curve for both individually.

The whole g-j-tube issue has been interesting and came to a head yesterday when the tube came out of it's own accord. It took us a while to get a g-tube in that won't leak and for now that's what's in there. He is tentatively scheduled to have a g-j-tube placed again on Friday but we're watching his stomach output and such to see if he is going to need it. In the end we want what's the very best for John and personally at this moment I'm just thankful that we are finally actively and aggressively addressing the skin breakdown around this thing because it was making me more nuts than usual. We'll probably know for sure tomorrow if they are going to place the g-j again or if we are okay with just the g-tube. I wouldn't be surprised to see them run another upper gi again soon, but we'll see.

On the whole John is doing great, thrilled to pieces that dad is here and so am I!

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