Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Day 42: Smiles to share

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Today we had smiles. We still can't quite get off the morphine, but John is still getting better each day. The medical news of the day is that he should be starting on feeds sometime this weekend and they look for us to be outpatient again by next Friday, of course that is if there are no infections issues etc. We also found out that John's 104cm of bowel, if working properly, is enough that he should easily come off of tpn. Normal bowel length for a nearly 4 yo is 250 cm so John is now approaching half, he's never before been past 1/6th so this is great! Function is everything though and so we must still wait to see how it works. The nurse coordinator who was giving me all this info today also told me that it is possible that John could go home by his birthday 12/13, if all goes well. We certainly hope so, but we're still prepared to be here for the originally stated 3months to a year.

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John is measuring his leg, actually just playing with the tape measure that I used to measure his belly with. I've been amazed at how differently shaped he is, and today measured and his belly is 21 1/2" around that's a pretty normal number for his overall size! I can't wait to see how it affects his support and to see how his clothes fit.

Okay, the best for last, Charity, LutheranHen and her brood came to visit today and it was such a great break from the hospital. It was great to laugh and talk and to watch John get to play with the kids and wow, anyway, such a great break from here, thank you, thank you, not just for the wonderful things you brought but for the company!

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