Thursday, October 18, 2007

Day 50: Discharge!

Of course it's still in process and could take well into the afternoon or evening before we are settled in the Lied again, but we're excited! John got his staples out today and is settling down for a nap. He had a pretty rough night, both passing gas, and scared, what of I'm not sure but I think getting him back into the other room and letting him get several hours of uninterrupted sleep is going to be helpful. As I was putting the day # in this entry, it amazes me that 50 days is all it took from our 1st day here to discharging after a STEP, as malnourished as John was when we started we figured we wouldn't even be to the STEP yet, much less going out-patient after one. On the other hand 50 days seems like a very long time, especially when I think about all the things that have occurred at home. My longest time to do this was in New Orleans with a following week in St. Louis before we went home and that was 12 weeks total, so we haven't broken the record yet but probably will here. John and I have already been over and seen where we are moving too, it's right across from the laundry room, hooray, and on the other side of the building so that we have new scenery to look at, but still on the same floor so we know the housekeeping ladies and one of John's favorite pictures in the hospital is right when you get off the elevator. I'll post the new address tonight!

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