Monday, October 15, 2007

Day 47: Wagon Ride

We ended the day with a wagon ride. John slept through most of the afternoon and then woke up CRABBY! We thought he might need pain meds, but he refused it, so then we thought he might need his g-tube vented, but he didn't put out anything. Finally when he settled down I asked him if he wanted a ride in the wagon and that was exactly what he wanted. The little boy who has been sure that he couldn't sit unsupported anymore rode in the middle of the wagon, sitting unsupported, from his room to the elevator, all the way out to the parking lot and then back, he had a great time but that pretty much wiped him out for the evening and he's now snoozing. Tomorrow we should hear more about what is going on with his tummy, but for tonight he's sleeping peacefully without being vented.

While we were out for our wagon ride we met a dad whose first baby was just born and is currently in the NICU with intestinal issues, he asked me if it was worth it, and without hesitation I was able to tell him 'yes, every moment of it'. It amazes me, no matter how bad a day is or how scary or worrisome it is, it's still worth it, it's still just great to be John's mom, here, at home, wherever, there just is no better job in this world than mom.

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