Monday, October 22, 2007

Day 54: Dad is coming tomorrow!

John actually slept most of the night, okay we were awake at midnight, 3am, 5am and then up at 8am but he went back to sleep quickly each time and all in all a little more sleep did us some good. John has walked farther, stayed up longer and gone faster today than any day since surgery. We even got to hook his tube-feeds up to his g-tube instead of his j-tube and since he's not puking we should get to pull this nasty g-j-tube out tomorrow and put his nice polite little g-tube back in. This should let his skin start healing better and maybe start getting life back to normal again, also it's another step on the road to home.

Despite the extra sleep I started out the day wondering if I was going to be able to find anything good to put on the blog at all, and then the day turned around for us so well. I'll tell you though single-parents have my respect, that they aren't the ones shooting up schools and blowing up buildings flat amazes me. No wonder my mom was a little weird when dad was gone on the road for extended period of times. When we first came here and saw all the moms running all over the place in their pj's all day long and out to the smoking area as often as possible, I thought, well never mind what I thought, I'm here to tell you I'm impressed that they aren't sporting hip flasks and smoking something more powerful than a Marlboro. I finally called Mark today and told him that he needed to come tomorrow and rough house with this kid, as much as John can take it, because he's been trying to push, shove and kick at every opportunity for the past several days. I'm beginning to feel like that other kid in the car, you know, the kid who is always being kicked, touched, breathed on and looked at. My sister can vouch that she was that kid and my son is making sure that I have plenty of regret for my childhood misbehavior.

But our day did turn around and this afternoon we had a great time. John has gotten to run down the tunnel twice today, and we even did our first day of school. I've been meaning to get us back to working on school but just haven't found the time and energy. So today I told John that we would get out the school box and he was beside himself with excitement. For right now we are working on letters and we have this great box full of stuff that was made by Julie Middendorf's daughter and it was certainly a hit today. John even managed to sit in the high-chair in the cafeteria a couple times today and was a great helper and laid so still when I needed to change his dressings, even though it hurts to have all that tape stuff pulled off.

So the day that started off bad has ended very good and I'm looking forward to clinic tomorrow to see if we can get rid of this tube and how much the piglet weighs and then of course best of all Mark is coming in tomorrow evening. Will I update the blog while dad is here? Hmmmmmm...I'm not sure, so if you don't see an update until Friday or so, don't worry, we're just too busy enjoying some dad time!


Anonymous said...

So glad to hear the day got better. . .I find my long days torture enough, I can't imagine being away from home for weeks on end.
Give JOhn a big hug & kiss from his godmother! :)

Just us Wryms said...

He'll be awake at midnight and I'll give him hugs and kisses then!