Sunday, May 17, 2009

Post Hospital Shots

3am, yep you read that right. After the hospital stay it takes a while for things to settle back down, so at 3am we were up fixing things and listening to John's heart to make sure that he wasn't tachycardic. When I got done listening to him it was his turn to care for his giraffe.


John loves mail, just absolutely loves it, we regularly have to tape the Netflix envelopes back together to return movies because he loves them so much. Recently he received a letter from our friends little girl, he has been so excited. It hangs on the refrigerator next to the picture that she drew for him last year and he tells me about it nearly ever day. Since returning from the hospital he has been fixing letters for her, one that we actually mailed, but he wheels around the house looking for things to stuff in envelopes for her and so instead of folded bits of paper we now have letters laying around all to just one person.


When I told him that the name didn't show up in the picture he did this...


...and held that position until the flash went off a couple times and he knew I had fixed the problem.

John has always loved the computer and has been a fan of YouTube videos for a long time, used to it was only Curious George then some other animated ones and now this is John's New Favorite YouTube Video to which he likes to try to play along.


Well Mark went back and counted, John made it for 250 days without getting sick enough to need ER, IV's or hospitalization. This time snuck up on us and caught us unawares, but only because we had been so long without such that it almost seemed impossible that it would happen again. It did, John was hospitalized from Friday, through Mother's Day and on to Thursday of last week. He is now doing much better and saving up his strength for vacation. It seems that the issue was an ileus, a portion of the intestine that has slowed down, these are common after intestinal viruses and while most people can weather such at home, John just needs a little more help. While in the hospital we also discovered that he has to have something for his stomach, Prevacid, at the moment and maybe when we get back home from vacation we will find something that has less side effects but going without just isn't really an option. A really cool thing that we saw at the hospital was that John was able to hold his CO2 without much effort. Usually when John is ill this becomes a huge big deal, he will get acidotic almost instantly and we spend the entire hospital stay chasing fluids trying to catch him back up. The only thing that I can attribute this too is his new probiotics as it is the only change that has been made, so let me give Primal Defense for Kids our wholehearted endorsement for what that is worth. Posting during vacation may or may not happen, if you don't hear from us until mid-July don't worry we're all good and off having fun. We will of course be traveling with cell phones and so will answer phone or text, and there is just no way that I will be able to avoid FaceBook so you can find us there too.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Dad is a Word

I have suspected for a long time that John reads a little, I'm pretty sure that he can read his own name and I know for a fact that the child can pick out 'Curious George', 'Tom and Jerry', and 'Good Eats' from the lineup of names of shows stored on the DVR, no matter what order the names come in. Still I have showed him the words, 'mom', 'dad', 'Jesus' and 'monkey' many times over with no real recognition. Today I put the letters 'm' 'o' 'm' in my hand and showed them to him and he promptly finger spelled them for me. I thought what the heck we have a few minutes and the letters 'd' 'a' 'd' were within reach, so I arranged those in my hand and showed them to him and John signed Dad big as you please and with a huge smile too, we cheered!!!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Beat It!


John is feeling kinda puny today, it should pass, but I had this picture in the camera from a few days ago and just had to share it. I'm not sure what was going through the boys head, first he had on one glove then the other, never both at the same time and always really happy, it was cute.


So this if my first knitting project that had actual directions and stuff. It's Mrs. Weasley's bag from the Harry Potter Knitting book. I changed the colors, eggplant and raspberry just aren't me, where orange and brown certainly are. The orange fabric below it is pebbly leather like stuff that I want to make a bottom with, I can't imagine knitting a bottom on a bag that will ride most of the way to Montana this summer sitting on the floor of the Jeep. The striped fabric is for the lining, which I want to put a few pockets in to hold knitting stuff and my cellphone and wallet and the white stuff at the top is Timetex to make it stand up nice and pretty. I'm not exactly sure how I'm going to get all these elements to come together yet, but I'll post a picture here and on my Ravelry site when I do.

And just in case anyone is interested Amazon has the knitting book used for under $3, I probably won't be able to resist it at that price as there are a fist full of other projects in there that I am dying to try. Wouldn't John look cute in a Weasley sweater?