Friday, May 8, 2009

Dad is a Word

I have suspected for a long time that John reads a little, I'm pretty sure that he can read his own name and I know for a fact that the child can pick out 'Curious George', 'Tom and Jerry', and 'Good Eats' from the lineup of names of shows stored on the DVR, no matter what order the names come in. Still I have showed him the words, 'mom', 'dad', 'Jesus' and 'monkey' many times over with no real recognition. Today I put the letters 'm' 'o' 'm' in my hand and showed them to him and he promptly finger spelled them for me. I thought what the heck we have a few minutes and the letters 'd' 'a' 'd' were within reach, so I arranged those in my hand and showed them to him and John signed Dad big as you please and with a huge smile too, we cheered!!!