Wednesday, September 12, 2012

An Update, Finally

Well it's not much of an update, I must admit that it is so much easier for me to just log into facebook from time to time and post pictures and updates that I almost forget this site is here. I will try to get better at posting here too, but life is so full and busy and fun right now that the quick 2 line format of facebook just really is working better for me at the moment. Who knows what the future will hold. We moved. Yep, really. 10 years in one house, that's longer than I ever lived in one state let alone one address. Some parts of leaving were harder than others, it's never fun to leave friends behind but the time came for Mark to start his CPE Residency in St Louis and so it was time to load up our stuff and go. We live in the Dutchtown area of St Louis, 100 year old houses all packed close together and we really love it. Whenever we step outside there is someone to say 'hi' too and more often than not they have a friendly 'hi' to share and even some small talk. It's been great getting to visit with the neighbors around us and the lady next door is a treat. I honestly feel like I have moved home, which is a bit silly because I never lived in this area of St Louis and never really lived in St Louis much at all. But my family is from here, both sides have roots around here, I'm not too far from where one of my aunts lived when I was a kid and I have fond memories of visiting her. John and I are slowly getting used to Mark not being home all day. That is by far the hardest adjustment. But we are making it and spending our days taking walks and getting unpacked. John is playing power chair soccer and we are practicing in the alley with an exercise ball and the chair that he got to take home with him. He is going to be starting swimming lessons next week and gets to have skiing lessons this winter. The availability of stuff for him here is just amazing! The best part of this so far is friends. We have good friends here and not more than 2 days in a row have passed without seeing them. Mark's first night of on-call when he would be coming home late and I would ordinarily be a little stir crazy and waiting for him passed so quickly I didn't even realize he was running a little late because my two friends came and stayed to visit until he got home. John is adamant that 'friend's mommies' can come back again and soon. I think he thought they were here just for his entertainment, or maybe he was here just for theirs. So far it's been a good move, we've had to downsize more than we thought, but those missing material possessions aren't missed after all and the time with friends and friendly neighbors and the enjoyment that Mark is having in his studies is priceless. And given a few more weeks Mellon may actually stop barking at people on the sidewalk, but alas there is a pit bull across the alley that is making her look like a stellar good new neighbor and we get compliments on her behavior regularly.