Saturday, October 27, 2007

Day 59: Signs of Growth

The last few days have been filled with signs that John is growing. I had to remove the darts that I put in his pants, his diaper tapes don't cross, he's grown out of all but one pair of shoes and they are close and today I realized that his braces are too little - his newly chunky calves are just too big to be squeezed in there anymore - all of which leaves us cheering and smiling!

Since today is Saturday we took it easy and played and read books. He helped make his first paper chain and put more animal stickers on construction paper - this time I drew him a bit of a picture and had him look and place them on lines and such, he's getting better at this skill. I even read him the first few pages of Farmer Boy this evening and he was liking it, we might try that some more tomorrow.

John hadn't noticed that Tiger had gone missing until dinner time this evening and then, of course, he not only wanted Tiger but he wanted him now. I looked high and low around here and was about to call Mark to have him look in the Jeep when I thought to call Charity and see if our wayward Tiger was hanging out at her house. Sure enough that Tiger is there, phew, I told John that Tiger was at Miss Charity's and he cried, I told him it was okay that her oldest two were watching out for him and he would be okay and he was a little better, then I told him that Miss Charity would bring Tiger safely back next week and he was okay.

Tomorrow our congregations are celebrating Reformation Day, here I sit surrounded by pumpkins and fall decorations, all of which I'm grateful for, but I really miss the red of Reformation and so am off to find John something to color tomorrow so that we can talk about Reformation and what it means.

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