Sunday, October 21, 2007

Day 53: Blessings from Home

John's day, well part of it was spent in the treatment center because his g-j-tube seemed to be coming out. On one hand this thing is wonderful because he's already increasing on tube-feeds despite a tummy that isn't quite emptying correctly yet, on the other hand I hate this thing because it's huge and it's eaten his skin up. But today we found out what was wrong with it and things seem to be going better. This evening he had a great time playing and all in all the day was pretty good here.

At home the day was wonderful. October is Pastor Appreciation Month and Mark's congregations showed their appreciation in ways that made his smile so apparent I could 'see' it over the phone. Being apart is hard, him being home away from us is hard, but the good people of his two congregations make it easier and better. God's blessings come through means of grace, and today those means were the people of Peace and St. Paul's Lutheran Churches in Slater, Missouri, we thank them, and we thank God for them.

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