Sunday, October 7, 2007

Day 39: Second Rough Night... over and on to the day. John was a little more comfortable through the night, still morphine every 2 hours, and he still really hurts at the almost-due-for-the-next-dose time but at least there was a handful of times during the night that he actually slept. He did pull out his NG tube and then they came and replaced it, but finally it is gone after rounds this morning, and he should get to keep it out if he doesn't throw-up, thereby proving that he still needs it. He also spiked a temp in the night and they drew blood cultures, but it went right back down and hasn't spiked again. Mark was with him during rounds today and made sure that he got some ice, not only is ice a liquid and John is dying for a drink right now, but he loves to eat ice, it's one of his ways of dealing with anxiety. John is going to remain in the PICU until they know what caused the fever and probably until he no longer needs oxygen. 3 or 4 good coughs and he would clear his upper airway, but he doesn't want to cough, and really who could blame him now. They were able to get the JP drains working, these are wound drains that are placed between the abdominal wall and the alloderm which will let the alloderm more quickly and more securely attach to John's abdominal wall. All in all, despite still being in the PICU we are seeing progress, not only in John's ability to rest but also in attitude and such. Shortly after Mark left last night John told me that he wanted his shoes, to walk, and to leave. Later he was asking for the curtain to be opened, and then closed, the tv to be on and for his hearing aids. His ornery level is returning to normal also, while the housekeeper mopped his room and dad snuck out for a minute to run to the bathroom John laid in his bed and peacefully and happily watched tv and watched the housecleaner. When dad came back he stood where John could see him and watched and John looked content and like he was doing fine, as soon as he moved so that John could see him, John started acting like he was hurting and needed a drink and was uncomfortable. What a stinker! But it's nice to see that little personality is still just the same :)

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