Monday, October 15, 2007

Day 47: Inevitable Steps Backwards

Life in general seems to be about taking a few steps forward and then going backward and trying again, John's health has been that way from the beginning and this is no exception. Today John will be going for a CT scan, his side is hurting so much that even a light brush of your hand makes him wince and move and the pressure of a stethoscope will make him gasp with pain and nearly bring him to tears. They are looking for an abscess, they are also trying to figure out if on the other side we are looking at his stomach trying to herniate between the alloderm and rib cage, on top of that he is growing both gram positive and gram negative bacteria on his central line. The good news in all this is that they are on top of this and looking for answers now, the antibiotics that they switched him too have kept the fever away and the line infection is only on the line and not in his blood in general. The doesn't-that-just-figure news is that Mark has to take the jeep in for a power train control box or something like that and is stuck in Missouri, we're praying that if John needs surgery to rectify any of these issues that the car repair place will have the part on the shelf and being oh so thankful that they will take payments. No matter how much we love our one-car-payment and one-car-insurance way of life there are days when it has its drawbacks. Overall John is not as perky as he has been the last couple days, but he was still excited to see and play with breakfast even if he didn't eat any of it and he still has a smile that reaches his eyes, even if he's not quite up to blowing kisses today.

I'll post again as soon as I can after the CT scan. It's been a while since I said thank you for everyone's prayers, I'm still thankful for them every day, we live in the confidence that John is not only in Christ's care but that His plan for John was made from eternity and that even includes all these wonderful people who are here to care for him.

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