Friday, January 26, 2007

You Feed You

This is the new saying in our house, as John is learning how to feed himself rather well, uh, when he wants to! We were having a problem getting John back to normal when we got home and talked with his GI nurse practitioner yesterday and she said that the only answer was to make him eat. Of course all John has really wanted to eat has been either McD's or ice, hmmmm, the one is not convienant 3 meals a day and the other has no calories, silly boy. So yesterday we bribed, begged and did whatever it took and John ate like a champ and again today and now he is doing much better. We can already see that he is feeling better and stronger and everything is working well. He's been running around the house in his gait trainer, chasing the dogs and starting his trains and signing and communicating so well, it's day and night from last week, thank goodness!

The other news is that we've been tagged. I never heard of this until it happened, lol, but that kinda figures. So what it means is that I'm supposed to tell you 5 things that we've not blogged about and then tag 5 other bloggers. Well I don't know 5 other bloggers but I do know 5 things that we've not blogged about. Since this blog is about John we'll stick with that!

1. Since John was born during December in the middle of Advent at a time when the readings were centered around John the Baptizer that is who John is named after. Allen is after his grandpa, my dad who passed away in 1990.
2. John has an insatiable appetite for books, not just that they are his favorite, but that he is attracted to them beyond anything else ever, and not just his board books but all books. He especially loves to 'read' the sign language dictionary and anything that either of us is showing an interest in. I don't know if this has anything to do with the hours and hours that we sat together and read when he was in the NICU and in the hospital in New Orleans, but he sure does love those books!
3. I don't think that I've ever blogged about John being adopted, actually I don't really even think of it much anymore and when people who know ask me if we ever hear from mom it takes me a minute to stop and figure out what they are asking. John is a gift, a blessing to us straight from God through the hands of family and through many, many friends along the way, we are blessed beyond measure by the little short guy that runs thorugh out our house in his diaper signing about everything.
4. When John was a couple weeks old in the NICU he got cheers from all around when he peed on the wall! There was a big debate going on with the docs whether he would need help emptying his bladder since he didn't have any stomach muscles to speak of. Well one evening as I was bathing him in the NICU and his nurse and a couple others were standing around visiting he peed a nice little stream about 3 feet to the wall and the whole NICU erupted in cheers.
5. Second to books is John's desire to go. At the hospital he knows how to get from his room through the halls to the elevator and once on the first floor can make a bee line to either the front doors or the garage doors without directions or help, but at home he waits for someone to leave a door open and then runs outside, of course in his gait trainer this looks a bit more like four-wheeling than we are comfortable with but at least it's only a step or two and not a flight of them. John is pretty much fearless when it comes to those kinda things, but then I guess anyone who has been through all that he's been through doesn't have much left to be afraid of!

Phew, on that note we'll see if that fulfills my being tagged, lol, if not I'll try again tomorrow!!!!

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