Monday, January 22, 2007

But Not at the Hospital!

John will drink cow juice out of his own cup, or better yet out of the measuring cup...but not at the hospital!
John will eat cocoa puffs, even feed them to himself...but not at the hospital!
John will eat dried potato flakes by the handful (while his parents watch in dismay and disgust ;) ...but not at the hospital!
John will eat peas, cold, out of the can, warmed, out of a bowl, by hand or by spoon...but not at the hospital!
John will eat M&M's...but not at the hospital!

Do you see a trend here? Well the little boy that would eat nothing, okay maybe one bite a day, but only reluctantly and rarely a second and never a third, even of whip cream, McD's fries, chocolate and M&M's will readily eat and ask for and even cry for food at home. Hmmmmmm...I think we're growing up. A year ago being at the hospital was the same as, if not maybe a little more fun than being at home, after all at home there are not shifts of women to come and oh and ah and play with a little boy during the day and night. Now it seems that home is more fun, or at least better. Sure am glad John is finally in agreement with his parents and we hope and pray that we get to spend more time at home!

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