Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Happy New Year

Our first day of '07 was filled with resting, relaxing and hanging out. John got to go to Walmart with daddy to have the oil changed in the jeep and thoroughly enjoyed wandering all over the store in his gait trainer while they waited for the jeep to be done. After a late afternoon nap he was ready to play and hang out and watch Curious George.

We'd love to make a New Year's resolution of 'no hospital' but since that is largely out of our hands we'll just keep our same old plan of life that every day be the best it can be whether we are at home or not! John has big things coming up, speech therapy goes to 3x a week this year and we start with Parents as Teachers tomorrow, I'm still pretty skeptical on that one, but we'll see how it goes.

He got to spend New Year's Eve at the party at Mark's country church and had a great time ringing the bell during bunko and tossing a domino here and there during a game of chicken foot. He was amazed at all the kids and spent a good bit of the evening just watching everyone. He loved the enormous Christmas tree, and oh yeah, the ready availability of chocolate - seems like everyone brought some! He made it until nearly 11 and then he was pooped, and so were we, so we brought him home and he was so ready to snuggle in his bed.

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