Friday, January 19, 2007

The Blessing of Stubbornness

And boy oh boy does John have stubbornness, and it is certainly a blessing that is paying off for him at the moment!

John's night was pretty rough. Twice his oxygen saturation numbers dipped below 90 for long enough to have everyone discussing whether or not it was the time to take him to the PICU and twice our little stubborn guy recouped back above 90 just in time to stay in his room. Right now he is sitting in bed, leaning on daddy for support, reading books and watching some tv. He's actually the best we have seen him for well over 24 hours and even has a few smiles and is blowing kisses. He is certainly not out of danger of this worsening again, but every hour that he spends getting stronger is another hour that he is closer to winning over this virus. He's holding up pretty well, mostly sleeping and then waking long enough to cough and cough until he is exhausted and then goes back to sleep. Our current interlude of being interested in having his hearing aids and playing a bit is a welcome reprieve from this cycle, both for John and for his mommy and daddy.

The chaplain came by today to check on him and to let us know that his little grandson is doing pretty well for the moment. We have a wonderful Lutheran chaplain here, who not only speaks our language of faith but has intimate understanding of chronic illness as his little grandson is just a few months younger than John and has a complicated and fragile medical history too. We are very thankful to be here with this caring pastor who not only prays for healing and strength but also reminds us that we are here not only for John but as Christ's hands to reach out to everyone around us.

I will try to update again tonight, but access to the computer is not always possible during the evening and if I can't get access I'll update again tomorrow. We are certainly thankful for all those that are calling and dropping by, and for the prayers that are being said for our little stubborn blessing and his two stubborn parents.

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