Thursday, January 18, 2007

48 hours will tell

Our little guy is in need of your prayers again today. John was admitted to Children's in Columbia on Sunday and is still here, still running a fever. He has RSV and may or may not have pneumonia on top of it. They have him on oxygen and IV fluids and are running a few antibiotics as a precaution. For now he is doing pretty well, still in a normal room on the floor, but they are watching him closely to see how the course of this illness will go. He has excellent doctors here, we couldn't ask for him to have better care or more caring people working with him. They do tell us that within the next 48 hours they will know how severe this infection is going to get and how much support John will need to get through it. They are at this time holding off on putting him in the PICU but have assured us that they will be proactive and move him early, also that they will intubate him if he continues to trend down, as opposed to letting him get into a crisis situation first. So for the moment we are holding on tight to Christ's promises, and to our little guy. Since putting him on oxygen he is doing a little better, so we are hopeful, but ultimately we know that this infection will run the course that it will run and that Christ's will for John is perfect, even if it means that it will take our little buddy a while to recover.

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