Monday, January 22, 2007

The All Clear is Issued

Yipee!!! Hooray!!!! The discharge paperwork is being written up even now. John had a great night and is so very ready to go home, so are his parents. Actually at the moment John is taking a nap waiting on the papers, but this could have something to do with a little guy who decided that he was awake at 3am and spent a good half-hour or so running up and down the halls in his diaper and barefeet. It was cute beyond words and finally tuckered him out enough that he would lay still and go to sleep. It was his first night to sleep without oxygen, without heart monitor stickers on him, without the O2 sat strapped around his big toe and without the glare of the monitor lighting up the room and I think he was just a little giddy - me too, I enjoyed getting to visit with the nurses for a while and dad, well dad enjoyed the peace and quiet and snored right through it. We've cancelled all appointments for the week and are planning on just staying home. John needs to work on eating and picking up his weight, playing with his toys and chasing his dogs and hopefully watching mommy sew! Hopefully we'll even convince him to pose for a pic or two so we can share his smiling, well, at home, face with you after 9 days of hospitalization we'll be excited just to share a pic with home in the background ;)

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