Tuesday, January 30, 2007

My Spoon is Too Small!

Well we have reached yet another toddler mile stone, okay maybe it's not really a mile stone but surely there are other toddlers in the world with this same crazy idea. For a while now John has refused to eat off baby or toddler utensils and with forks he likes to have the same one that we have, but today I thought I would sneak a smaller spoon in on him for lunch, well nothing doing. He took a few bites and then got to really paying attention to the table and what size spoon daddy and I were eating with and he was done. Finally I traded spoons with him and he went on and ate his lunch. He cracks us up with his insistance that he is in charge, and well I guess from the look of who was eating with the smaller spoon at lunch he really is!

All in all John is doing GREAT!!!! Mark took him to see the pediatrician today for a follow-up from the RSV. He's picking his weight back up, looks great and got a good report all around. The doc did say that he would need the synergis shots until he was much bigger and stronger and that we would be doing them again next year. I'm relieved, while I don't particualy care for shooting him in the leg, I'm thrilled that he won't have to be in the hospital with another bought of RSV, or at least not as bad as the bought he just came through.

Tomorrow is our first day in 2 weeks to go back to speech therapy, so we'll see whether it is the little stinker or the little sweetie at school tomorrow!

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