Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Settling Back In

Slowly, slowly, we are getting back to normal around here. John is still tired and not feeling well from the RSV, he still has a good amount of stuff in his chest, but is sleeping a little better each night. Of course his schedule is off because of being woken up early by the doctors but he's getting better about getting back to his normal schedule too. Yesterday was actually a pretty good day in which he ate all day, played hard and had a good time, today well not so much, but he's snoozing in his own bed building up energy for tomorrow so we have hopes of it going better. He did finally want to eat a little before he went to bed and he was rather helpful taking down the Christmas tree, well at least before he realized that it was a never-ending process, hmmmm, he doesn't have much of an attention span for long-winded tasks, come to think of it neither does his parents ;) We did finally get all the Christmas stuff put away and then he had a great time riding on his plane and playing the piano, at the same time of course. We're hoping that he wakes up feeling even better tomorrow, his occupational therapist is coming and we're sure that he'll be glad to see her. It feels weird not going to speech and physical therapy during the week, but we know that he'll be glad to get back to them next week and stronger for the week of rest. His speech therapist came to see him at the hospital, he had a great time while she was there and cried after she left, I told him he could go and see her soon and so then he was okay.

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