Thursday, January 11, 2007

Doctor Prescribed Naps

Yeah! John was discharged from the hospital and we brought him home this evening. Of course we had to stop at McD's and get him a happy meal, which he devoured, because some little boy will not eat hospital food. He also won't eat unless daddy feeds him, so we had to stop on the way home and switch drivers so that dad could feed him. There is never a dull moment with John!

The attending physician today was THE authority on short-gut at Children's in Columbia, and aside from giving him some extra vaccinations for HepA and Pnemonia she also said that whether he likes it or not, he needs at least one nap every day. Hmmmmm, don't suppose we could get anyone to prescribe that for the parents, but for the shortness there will now be a nap everyday. She told us that because of John's health issues he just needs the extra rest and even though he thinks he's grown out of a nap, he hasn't!

John was a riot at the hospital. He woke up this morning feeling great and by the time I got there he was ready for shoes, gait trainer and running, running, running. He did take a good nap, but only after he attempted to escape out the front door of the hospital too many times to count. He thought it was way cool that daddy was on the second floor waving good-bye to him, but then spent a good amount of time doing circles around the information desk looking for where daddy went, the information people of course could not answer that. He then decided that they obviously needed more volunteers in the information booth and so attempted to run up the ramp to lend them a hand, very funny, but not very helpful. On the way back to the room he had to stop and 'talk' to everybody and finally after a bit of lunch he was ready to settle down and nap for a bit, of course the first thing he asked when he woke up was 'daddy' thank goodness daddy wasn't too far away!

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