Sunday, January 21, 2007

The Corner... turned! John is remarkably better today. So far he has been off oxygen for several hours and his sats are staying up. He's been for two quite long walks through the hospital, the first one he stopped at the coke machine and told me that he wanted a drink and then proceeded to the exit doors that he rammed a few times and then signed for me to 'open please' and finally was nearly in tears when I told him that he couldn't go out today. The second trip we made back to the coke machine through a long and adverturous route of the hospital and all the way back John would walk for a while and then stop and tell me that he needed some 'red drink please'. He calls it 'red' because we usually purchase in cans. Back in his room he was still not ready to eat, but hopefully that is coming too. I'm not sure if he is still just feeling too bad to eat, or if he has gotten picky enough that he's just not willing to compromise, or if the 50ml/hr of g-tube feeds is just enough to ensure that he doesn't get hungry enough to eat, or maybe just a combination of all of it. So the next time daddy comes he is bringing a McDonald's Happy Meal and hopefully that will be the ticket, of course last week John wouldn't eat period until he was out of the hospital and so it make take actually leaving the premesis. Who knows, lol, I'm thinking this is just one of the blessings of having a rather independent minded 3yo.

As far as getting out of here goes, most likely this week, slim chance on tomorrow, but we'll see, at least at this point we know that we are getting close and that has all of us excited!

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