Saturday, January 6, 2007

Hush Puppy

Our little guy had a pretty good day today! He spent lunch and a little while before it running around the parish hall of Mark's country church watching the other kids and impressing everyone with how well he got around and how much he could do. After a short nap he was up and ready to play again, this time at home with his Fridge Phonics, he really likes them the most if we will sing along, so it turns into a whole show. We've been adding the signs for the letters in and he's picked up a few, but even we don't know them all yet. For supper we had fish and hush puppies, he wasn't too impressed with the fish, but when we showed him how to sign 'shhh doggie' for the hush puppies it got very entertaining. Silly guy, he loved taking one bite off of each one and then feeding them to the dog, of course the dog really enjoyed this too and we're not complaining that we didn't have to put the leftovers away. After a while he pulled his ears and then sat happily sharing hush puppies with the dog but we had to do an emergency wipe off because once he was ready for his hearing aids again he was getting grease and cornmeal in his ears. He finished off the night by running through the house barefooted, playing with his trains a bit and then finally saying prayers and going to bed.

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