Monday, January 8, 2007

Grandpa would be proud

As you can tell the little munchkin is exhausted tonight, but I couldn't resist sharing this pic as it would have made his grandpa smile from ear to ear!

Today was John's first day to go to speech therapy with just mommy, and believe me we are all exhausted, but oh what a first day it was! Now that John has speech 3x a week, MWF, we just can't all go all the time so he's going with just mommy on Monday and Wednesday's. This morning he was excited to be going and then a little disconcerted that we forgot dad. He rode most of the way with his hearing aids in the cupholder, but was oh so excited when we got to school. He walked in like a champ and did the very best he's ever done in speech so far. Part of his therapy is to imitate the lip movements required to make letters, today he was working on 'b', 'm' and 'p' and he did great, even when 'n' was introduced he was able to stop putting his lips together and was trying to imitate the tongue movement. He matched his vehicles and vehicle cards like a champ, and signed very well for the mom, dad, baby, dog and bed and even started making a new sign for 'wake up'. When he got to sit on the floor with Miss Amy he did great with the ball knowing whether he was to roll it, throw it, or bounce it. This is also the first day that he came home with homework!

I took him to see his pediatrician's nurse practitioner, to have her look in his ears. This morning before we left he was digging in his left ear with his thumb, aside from just looking goofy I was worried that maybe he had an ear infection. John has only ever had one, and then we only knew about it because he went to the doc for other things and it was found upon examination. The speech therapist and I both looked in his ears and we thought they looked strange, definitely not the pics that you see on the net. Well according to the nurse they look fine for John's ears, go figure. But that wasn't the cool part. There was a little basketball goal in the room and with some support John was able to walk over get the ball, take it to the goal and then hold it up high so that I would pick him up and he could sink it! What a star!

We also made our first foray to the Columbia library and we were both impressed with the sheer volume of books. I don't think that I've ever been to a library this big before, at least not to one this big that I could check books out from. So after some searching John picked out a Sandra Boynton book and we were back on the road.

John has made great strides lately in how much and how well he wants to stand. His physical therapist tells us that it is very rare for a child to develop legs first, that most delayed kids have very strong arms before they get strong legs. John is now spending just a second here and there standing completely on his own, and lots of time he will lean on or hold something so that he can stand without someone holding onto him. The little silly sure is amazing!

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