Saturday, April 22, 2006

You Can Fork a Kruncher!

If you really try hard enough and are at least as persistent as John you can get a Kruncher chip stuck in the tines of your fork so that you can feed it to whoever is close enough. As you can tell dinner was again an entertaining event at our house. Of course John is still not eating and actually ran a fever again today, but he's sleeping peacefully now.

He woke up early with a fever this morning, but with a little tylenol it came right down and he was ready to ham it up at the church breakfast fundraiser. He did eat a few bites of pancake but mostly he just enjoyed smiling at people and playing with my fork. He did manage to fork a few pieces of pancake and feed them to his dad and also to fork a piece and plunk it down into my OJ glass and then fork it back out of there and put it on the plate. Thank goodness my glass was empty! For a little boy who woke up feeling bad he put on quite the show and even 'talked' to the people who came by to say hi to him. Ever our little social butterfly!

This evening he enjoyed sitting in the breeze of the open window while Mark read him some of his favorite books and then even held his own little hands together for night time prayers, well at least for a little bit of them. He was eager to get into his bed and get some sleep and we are ever hopeful that he will feel better tomorrow and be ready to do even more amazing stuff. He is really getting into pretend play and even though he has long tired of breathing treatments he was really enjoying pretending to put the medicine in the nebulizer this afternoon. He did finally say 'mom mom' clear and certain enough today that even Mark was looking at him like 'where'd that come from', we're hoping that 'dad dad' isn't too far behind and that its a good while before he's ready to repeat anything that he learns from listening to talk radio with us during the day ;-)

Have a blessed Lord's Day and we'll update you on how John is doing tomorrow evening. Our goal is to take him out for a walk in his gait trainer, here's hoping for pleasant weather.

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