Monday, April 24, 2006

Dirty Shoes!!!

I know it sounds silly to be excited about dirty shoes, especially dirty toddler shoes, but today we put John in his gait trainer and took him around the block and for the very first time in his life his shoes are dirty and scuffed from the travel! He did pretty good and moved himself along for probably 1/4 of the block and stayed in his trainer for 2/3 and then dad carried him home. John was one worn out little boy but still had enough energy to play on the floor for a little while.

We did make it to church this morning. It was a near thing as John woke up at 4am with a fever again. With some tylenol, a breathing treatment and a little decongestant he settled down to sleep the rest of the morning with us. Unfortunately John is now big enough that he only has two real sleeping modes toes-in-your-ribs and fingers-in-your-nose, needless to say he is firmly planted in his own bed the overwhelming majority of the time.

He was pretty good during church right up until he ripped the page out of the hymnal. I was shocked and couldn't quite figure out what to do with him because if I'd have spanked him anywhere in the vicinity of the church the ladies group would have been lining up to lecture me. For the moment we are going to repair the page and who knows, I suppose if he does it we'll cross that bridge then. Little stinker then sat in the kitchen 'visiting' with the ladies, charming them to no end and entertaining them by forking the living heck out of a pancake. He did eat a few bites of it but mostly demolished it.

We are going for labs in the morning and hope that it is good news, or at least not bad. He did throw up today and that is the first time in a very long time that he has done that. But since he threw up only once we didn't take him in for labs tonight. Tomorrow is school, audiologist to refit his ear molds because he's grown enough that the left one just pops out every so often, labs and maybe a trip to the pediatrician to see if he has some new idea about what to do about this persistent little virus that is driving us all insane.

And the last news of the day - today during lunch John said 'daddy' and 'dad dad' clear enough that we all knew exactly what he was saying. He also successfully forked many macaroni's and fed them to us, of course not to himself, but he thought it rather fun to feed the parents. He's getting pretty darn good with that fork. We've declined the offer from a friend to sharpen the tines so that he could get more stuff, afraid we might be next ;-)

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