Sunday, April 16, 2006

Another snotty day!

John's day started out snotty and needing a breathing treatment, but he did pretty good today and only needed two of them. So we have high hopes that he will be well enough to go to school on Monday, and we didn't call off his physical therapy for tomorrow.

He has had a few interesting highlights to his day. Did you know that if you stick your hand through one of the shape holes in a Tupperware shape sorter ball and grab one of the blocks you can't pull your hand back out? Well it's true and after he banged it on his tray for a while and said some rather unsavory toddlerese to it he let me pull his hand back out and dump the blocks out for him. Of course by this time the toy had misbehaved enough that it was dead to him and so he shoved the ball and each and every block off into the floor. I wonder if the ball knows not to do that again? He has also figured out that if he really wants my attention sitting in his chair and saying 'mom', 'mom', 'mom', 'mom' really works, not to mention that it makes mom really happy.

Supper was an adventure, he didn't want to eat but rather enjoyed playing with some noodles and flinging them on the dog. I'm wondering if we've read the OOPS page in the David book too many times. Of course the dog enjoyed this very much and rewarded him by standing up against his chair and licking the noodles off his tray which pushed him across the dining room and into the wall - this is enjoyable and quite delightful fun for the toddler of the house, and the parents really like the smiles that it brings, and thankfully the dog cleans up whatever mess ensues. So all in all even though he ate only a few bites at dinner both John and Maggie were extremely pleased with the fare.

He is putting himself to sleep at the moment, while his 'friends' tumble in the dryer downstairs. John has now gotten to where he can scoot around in his crib well enough that he can pull the stuffed animals from the sides and head of the crib and play with them. Of course this means that his 'friends' now take regular trips through the washer and dryer but they seem no worse for the washing and we think that they must rather enjoy that they are getting played with - or maybe we've read Velveteen Rabbit a few too many times in this household.

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