Thursday, April 27, 2006

Home Again!

John finally fell asleep about 2am and slept pretty soundly through the rest of the morning. His diarrhea stopped and he got several peaceful hours of sleep. His CO2 number came up some this morning but not back to normal by any means. But he woke up feeling much better and ready to eat. When the breakfast tray came he was so excited to see it and then well it was all clear liquids, poor little guy, he's not very impressed with clear liquids. So he waited pretty patiently until daddy came with the McDonald's bag full of breakfast. It wasn't too terribly much longer and they cleared him for real food and he gleefully ate the entire egg from a sausage/egg biscuit and part of the biscuit too! Afterwards we were all ready for a little snooze and woke up in time for the lunch tray to come. John wasn't hungry yet but he did rather enjoy taking the tray lid off and putting it back on and stabbing his dinner roll with a fork and waving it around in the air. The nurses who have cared for him before came by to see him and remark on how much bigger he was getting and how he was turning into a little boy and wasn't so much a baby anymore. He chatted and played with them a bit but was most excited when we got out his shoes and real clothes because he knew that meant he was going home. He slept part of the way home and is now napping peacefully in his bed. At this time of the evening he will probably get up in a couple hours for a little bit and then go back to bed for the night. We're all pretty worn out from the hospital stay and are soooo thankful to be back home and have John looking and feeling so good.

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