Friday, April 14, 2006

Maundy Thursday

John's day has been lively and interesting. Since his mom reported this morning he has been doing quite well. The bandaid came off without incident and the boy has been eating. For lunch he had potato chips and drank a lot of water. After lunch he pulled his ears, took his hearing aids out himself (he's not supposed to do that yet), and so we put him down for another nap. He woke up in a good mood and we had hopes that he would be able to go with us to church tonight. We decided that he needed to spend some time in his gait trainer. We rigged up his formula pump on one of the attached devices so that he could stay on his feeds while he was toddling along in his trainer. With this set up he was able to stay in his gait trainer for over an hour. We all had a good time playing together and going all over the house. At this point John tends to move his legs so that he goes backwards more than forwards. After spending so long in his trainer he was very tired. He went down for a third nap and slept until after I had to leave for church. When I returned home he was awake and had been for a little while. He spent most of that time with his mom as his captive audience because of a very snotty nose. We finally put him to bed but he woke up about an hour later and has had to have a breathing treatment to loosen up his chest congestion. He is now settled in for the night and sleeping quietly. We are looking forward to seeing his Occupational Therapist (OT)tomorrow (friday) morning and she has had us doing some weight training with John. (m&m minis tubes with quarters and nickels about 6 oz.) He has done very well with this and we are hoping that he will willingly show off a little bit for the OT. We will post again after the visit with his OT.

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