Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Back in the Hospital again

This morning John looked alright when he got up and after washing him up and getting him dressed he was looking even better. When we all sat down to breakfast he wasn't hungry and didn't want to play with the breakfast dishes as he is usually excited to do. After breakfast he was starting to look like he wasn't feeling well so we decided to take him to Marshall to the lab. As we were getting ready to go he started looking more uncomfortable and as we were leaving the driveway we decided to go to Columbia to the ER. About halfway there John started to vomit the pedialyte that we had running, this is a sure sign that his CO2 levels were dropping. When we got to the ER it looked like he was feeling better, but we knew that he needed to get enough fluids in him to get things back in balance. The ER team didn't think that he was that dehydrated when they looked at him, but when we told them about the mix up with the medications they called for an IV and blood tests.

Now for the good part of this adventure. The IV nurse is a very nice lady who has taken care of putting in John's IVs before. John didn't cry when she stuck him. John didn't try to pull his arm away from her while she set it up and drew some blood for the blood tests. Most importantly, John sat up without Gina holding him up the whole time this was happening. This is an incredible step forward for John's motor development.

More good news. As John was getting tanked up with IV fluids I got something for us to snack on and just to try we gave some pieces of the chex mix to him, he ate them, wanted more, and had to be shown the bag was empty. He had to stick his hand all the way to the bottom of the bag to make sure.

As we suspected his CO2 level had dropped further from the already low number that we got from Monday's lab work, and because he was also having some very loose poops along with having thrown up on the way there, we decided with the doctors that he needed to stay overnight and have some bowel rest (No G-tube feeds)and enough IV fluids to get him back in balance. I went and got some take-out and brought it up to the hospital room and John sat up next to Gina on the hospital bed and ate a good number of bites for us. The most he has eaten at one time since before the Good Friday hospital trip.

I came home to take care of things here and to update the journal while Gina stays with John. From what we see and what the doctors tell us, John should be able to come home in the morning without any trouble. I will update the news before I go to get them.

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