Saturday, April 22, 2006

Late Morning - Long Day

John had a little trouble sleeping through the night. He needed some additional hydration too. When he finally went into deep sleep He stayed asleep until almost 11 am. This caused some consternation, but after talking with his nurse practitioner Sandy, she said that she doesn't expect him to pick back up and handle his formula and regular food for at least a few more days. When John was awake he did very well with his toys and with his markers especially. Gina was drawing on the same piece of paper that John was making little scratches and dots on, and while she was drawing he took a marker in each hand and started drawing loops with both markers at the same time. What an amazing little boy.

John went with Gina and I to the church in town tonight as preparations were being made for the breakfast smorgasbord and bake sale in the morning. As usual all the ladies there were thrilled to see him and he was just as much a ham as usual. It seems that he is at least feeling better. He went to bed a little later than normal, but not so late considering when he woke up. We are hoping that tomorrow will be a better day for him.

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