Wednesday, April 26, 2006

God's Miracles Despite Man's Failures!

John's lab numbers yesterday were not horrible, but they weren't good either. He kept having loose stools and we couldn't figure out what was going on. He's lost a pound in the last 10 days or so and we couldn't figure out why. This morning we did a little investigation and found that one of John's medications was dispensed incorrectly. Instead of being on a drug that binds up the bile salts and helps to prevent loose stools the pharmacy dispensed a prescription strength laxative. Plenty of blame to go all around, we certainly bear a lot of it as we should have checked into the drug further instead of dismissing it as the difference between the generic bottle and the name-brand bottle. Thank God John is doing okay. We found the error this morning before he got his morning dose and by afternoon had him back on his correct medication. Thank God John is so much stronger than he used to be. He was on this laxative for 12 days, had this been a couple months ago he would not have had the reserves to weather this at home. Thank God for good nursing staff who quickly helped us find the problem. John's labs weren't good, another day of incorrect medicines and he certainly would have had to go to the hospital for an IV and a good deal of fluids. Thank God that He is watching over our sweet little boy despite the fallibility of his parents.

All in all John is doing well. For having gone through this he is doing phenomenal. He is still not eating, but did take a very long nap today and seems to be resting better when he is sleeping. We are hoping that tomorrow will bring even better things. He made it through the day with no breathing treatments, no decongestant and not even a get-a-kleenex incident.

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