Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Today's Facebook Updates

The end of today finds me where I began it, at my computer copying Gina's updates through the day. I am glad to do it and rejoice to shre the news that shows God's love and grace at work in John's life.

8am The sky is light but overcast and John is waking up enough that looking in his eyes makes me feel like I need to explain things. He doesn't seem terrified like before just wondering, it reminds me so much of meeting him in the NICU 7 years ago. His night was quiet yet his lab numbers indicate something continues to bleed, Lord have mercy.

Noon John is sitting up! Yes, well ok John's bed is holding him in a sitting position but still today the first day in a month that he has not been laying down flat, it's exciting. Of course his white count is a little elevated so we are getting cultures today but still he's sitting up and all his monitor numbers look beautiful!

3pm I cannot believe how much I enjoyed watching John try to watch the balloons at the foot of his bed, just amazing. Since then he has had a bit if a rough time as they put a new dressing on his belly incision that has a vacuum attached to it and takes quite a bit to attach and such. By the time that was done the nurse had given him all the sedation and pain Meds he could have and finally he is asleep.

A friend of ours, Stephanie Snyder, is a nurse and she shared some information about this with us. "It has helped heal every wound I have used it with quicker than conventional dressings, plus any drainage is sucked away rather than letting it repopulate on the wound. The suction also increases blood supply in the area. They have smaller ones for home care use. If I can change the dressing, it must be easy."

9pm The evening is ending with John having put out more urine in one shift than whole days in the past, we ...will find out in the morning if he is cleaning better or if he will need dialysis again.

We've not seen any more frank blood but still a lot of old blood getting pulled out of his stomach. Labs through the night and in the morning will tell if the ulcer has ceased bleeding again.

And now for the exciting rumor - if all goes as planned through the night extubation in the morning :)

I leave you with wise words from Charity's Pastor, the kingdom of God is not a what you see is what you get thing, even when we can't see Jesus he is with us bearing our sins and sorrows and carrying us through good days and bad.

What else can I say to that, but Amen.

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