Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Facebook updates for the 5th day of Christmas

In place of five gold rings we celebrate something that isn't where it's not supposed to be; blood. No blood products needed and no blood coming from anywhere else.

7am Ever watch a scary movie with your hand over your eyes, there are days that this resembles that so very much. Last night as we went to bed John had just the faintest tinge of pink in his ng tube, this morning Mark called the nurse, no blood, oh it's easier to see without my hand in front of my eyes.

11pm The day passed slowly, no blood thank God, lots of secretions to be sucked out and sedation issues but they are working those out. Tomorrow will bring dialysis for possibly the last time and another eval to see if extubation is possible.

Not much to say today as we spent time reading to John, watching him begin to come out of the sedation enough to make some definite hand signs, focus his eyes on one of his balloons, and even grab hold of its string a couple times. Little steps forward while fighting the ventilator and showing that he is tired of the continuing attention from the nurses and staff that is needed for his care.

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