Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Remains of the day of FaceBook updates and the efforts of wonderful friends.

Gina is getting some needed rest now, and John is resting as well with the help of sedatives and blood pressure support. Below is the last update for the day as well as a report of the efforts of friends to encourage and support us in this situation where things are so very terrifying for us and so very filled with the Joy that is only in Christ Jesus.

8pm I can't believe it's dark already. John's day has been nice and quiet, no blood products, no doctors or nurse practitioners hovering, and just a few little purple lines on the vent to let us know that he's fighting his way through the paralytic. Charity and the kids came to see us today and Mark is right next to me and and John's room is quiet and peaceful.

John's 7th Birthday is this Monday, the 13th of December, and there have been too many times since the 15th of November that we feared he would celebrate this birthday with Christ in heaven, including this past Monday. Yet by God's mercy and grace we are day by uneventful day being given hope that he will be able to celebrate his birthday with us here, and of course with Christ.

A number of our friends are circulating a FaceBook Status update inviting people to send cards for John's Birthday. We are so thankful for all that they are doing for John and the love and encouragement that are being shared with us. For those that would like to send a card and for those that are doing so; John loves mail so much that we are and have been saving all the cards for him to open when he is finally awake and ready to enjoy them, even if it has to wait well past the day of his birthday.
Here is the address: Thank You so much!
PICU - John Hass
The Nebraska Medical Center
982145 Nebraska Medical Center
Omaha, NE 68198-2145

Another friend of ours is blessing us with the benefit of her own efforts:

Wendi Lankister posted, I have a friend, Ageena Deneen Hass , whose beloved little 6 year old boy, John, had a triple organ transplant on Nov 15. He has had many ups and downs since the original surgery. Read about it here: In an effort to help the Hass family, I will be donating a portion of the s...ales of Mary Ann's Beans to the HassFund. So, order away and give a double gift this CHRISTmas season! If you prefer to simply make a donation, donate via Paypal to THANK YOU!!!

All of you who have been praying, helping, being there for Gina when I was back home, being there for me while my heart and mind have struggled with being two places at the same time, and for everyone that has followed John's amazing story and been blessed through sharing this life with our son; We thank you and pray God's richest blessings in Christ upon you.