Thursday, December 30, 2010

Facebook updates for the 6th day of Christmas

Another day passes with the combination of anxiety and thankfulness; John remains on the ventilator when we had hoped that he would be set free from it, and at the same time he has done so well today that it gives us more confidence for the days ahead.

11am Do you know the kids song 'suffocation' well if so quietly sing it to yourself and you will have a microcosm of today in the PICU, the ongoing saga of 'well maybe we will extubate tomorrow' a tale of love and frustration but not security guards. And if you've read this far and are still wondering John is doing amazingly well and his parents are holding onto their sanity with duct tape and bailing wire because truly you can fix anything with those.

A nurse friend of ours added a few items of universal usefulness, silk tape, dental floss, steri strips and other medical supplies.

Gina replied.
11:30am Oh that would be good, if you restrain staff with medical supplies maybe it isn't quite as offensive as using other things. Thanks Steph, I will keep this in mind.
And so if you're wondering yes rounds have happened and yes John is doing great and no we don't have our own security guard yet but we are going to leave the building for lunch and some sunshine. Of course if John were not tethered down we might have a hard time returning but since the center of the world is here we'll be back rather quickly.

Our friends posted more about alternate uses of medical supplies and duct tape.

3pm Thanks ladies, lol, awesome advice just in time to see that the dialysis nurse today is the same one who ripped the dialysis catheter out of John's leg several weeks ago. Instead of tape though we, John's regular nurse and I are watching him very closely. Mark is on his way back home, John is doing fine and I am knitting for my sanity, maybe I should just learn to knit sanity cause it would be a huge hit!

6pm He had dialysis and in the end it went fine.
Ok enough complaining out of me, I am blessed beyond measure that this little boy is here where I can touch him and that I have the most wonderful husband ever and am surrounded by great friends ...and family and the medical people that are taking care of John are seriously good at their job. Not to mention that John just clearly chose music over reading, oh I love those little talking hands even if they are only up to yes and no at this point!

I have returned to our house and retrieved our dog and am working the days away until I can be back with John and Gina. Happy New Year everybody!

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