Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Facebook updates for Wednesday, Dec. 22

Another day full of positive steps and increasing hopes with additional reasons to give thanks to God.

7am 'A perfect angel all night' says the nurse, no fluid bolus to maintain blood pressure, no fresh bleeding and now as I sit here by him he keeps opening his eyes just enough to see I'm here and then tries to close them quick enough I won't see.

2pm The day has continued to be good. When asked about the GI bleed the surgeon said 'done' with a smile and dismissive wave of her hand. John will get a scope in just a bit to make sure he has no rejection going on in his bowel but already we are seeing green, the superior Christmas color, coming from his g-tube and ostomy.

4pm And the good news continues to roll in John's intestines looked really good on the scope, his NG tube is putting out the superior Christmas color as well and the PICU team is weaning the vent and sedation with the plan that if all goes well tomorrow they should be able to extubate first thing Friday morning. Praise be to God!

10pm The rest of John's evening was quiet and good. He still needs lots of suctioning to get the gunk out of his lungs but his oxygen levels are holding great. As I was leaving for bed the Physician's Assistant told me that John was too stable and so there would be no middle of the night phone calls and I should get some sleep, good advice, good night, pleasant dreams and God willing more good news tomorrow.

Thanks be to God for His incredible gifts. Keeping our eyes firmly fixed on Christ, knowing that now is the time of rejoicing and not fearing what may come knowing that Christ is already there and will provide as He has promised.

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