Saturday, December 11, 2010

Bits and Pieces - Facebook updates from Friday

These updates are being transferred the morning after, there was simply too many things to carry back to our room in the Lied and so tired that I simply forgot the laptop until we were almost to the room.

Yesterday began and ended quietly for John, another day that we have gotten to spend with him.

8:30am Bits and pieces. The surgeon tells us that John needs to string together good hours and through the night he seems to be doing just that. He is off all blood pressure medicines right now. He doesn't sound as fluid overloaded to the respiratory therapist. His urine output through the night picked up a bit.He still has some huge battles, his kidney numbers are still slowly creeping the wrong direction but his liver numbers are slowly moving the right way. He still is having a very hard time maintaining his own body temperature but his blood numbers are holding steady and his white count is trending in the right direction. It is a another day of wait and watch. We pray it is another day of boredom, we are becoming huge fans of boredom!

A Friend on Facebook, and fellow knitter, Jodi, asked if Gina needed any knitting supplies.

9:30am Thanks Jodi, at the moment I have plenty and seem only able to make the same thing over and over. I'm looking forward to John's further improvement and getting back to socks and such things, I really want to knit him and I gloves but that's just beyond my mental acuity right now.

10am When they were in here changing the dressing for John's belly he tried to open his eyes, moved his mouth and 3 fingers on his left hand :)‎5 ounces, doesn't sound like much but it's a cause of joy because it's 5 ounces less that John weighs today!

11am Today is the very first day since transplant that John has been stable enough to share a nurse, his nurse has another little guy down the hall too. If they start dialysis that will change even if he does well with it, but for now we are so thrilled that his nurse is able to divide her attention.

12pm I am excited! I finally found someone to ask about his face is so red lately and ok there was some medical stuff in there but basically it came down to they think he's becoming a Husker fan :)

(John looks like a little skier just in from a long day on the windy slopes. His face is red and he is wearing a knit cap with snowflakes on it, sent from Montana by John's Grandma)

12pm John is going back on dialysis today, even with the progress he still needs the extra fluids off sooner rather than later. We are comforted hearing the surgeon say 'this is the kind if renal failure that is recoverable' he is not one to speak lightly of these things. We are encouraged to see him encouraged and yet we are still most comforted knowing that John is firmly and inseparably in Christ's hands.

6pm ‎2 1/2 hours of dialysis, about 500 mls of fluid removed, 740 mls of blood cleaned and not one incident of low blood pressure, absolutely astounding! We praise God and sit in awe at His work and continue to pray for His mercy.

10pm The day has been exactly what it needed to be - uneventful, for which we are very thankful. We leave this night with John in the hands of a good nurse and in a better state than he started the day.

We also want to share the encouragement of Scripture and prayers that we received through the day from our friends on Facebook.

Isaiah 12:2 " Behold God is my salvation;I will trust, and will not be afraid; for the Lord God is my strength and my song, and he has become my salvation."

Gen 4:10-12 "Oh Lord who gave Moses his mouth and these doctors and this medical staff their skill, grant them excellent use of their skills to the good of John and his family and all the patients they attend to this day. In the name of Jesus, Amen."

As the days go by Gina knits and we read to each other and to keep my mind and hands occupied she got me a little art project and this is the result.

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