Tuesday, May 9, 2006

Terror of Toddlertown

John has been a little stinker today with his hearing aids and his eating. Daddy went to winkle (pastor's meeting) all morning and part of the afternoon and the little boy was not happy about it. He woke up this morning in a pretty good mood, asking for his 'ears' as we call his hearing aids and ready to play. But it was also a little earlier than usual too so it was not long before he got fussy and took out his 'ears' This meant some nap time and while he was ready to nap he didn't stay asleep nearly long enough. This led to an afternoon cycle of play time, fit throwing, 'ear' pulling, and crib time fit throwing. We finally broke the cycle with him actually wanting to eat something and then, even though he pulled his ears, he was ready for a real nap and slept well. After this late afternoon nap he was a happy little camper and played and ate supper and truly enjoyed himself until it was time for bed.

He was also a little gigglebox during play time today, repeatedly cracking up over things that his mommy was doing. she would hug and squeeze him and he would giggle louder and louder with each squeeze. He is also getting an understanding of one of his favorite things, blowing bubbles. Mommy blew on his hand and then he tried to blow on her hand and then tried to blow a bubble off the wand. When he played with the bubbles with daddy he wanted to pull the wand out of the bubble bottle himself and then held it over his mouth. He's getting it.

All in all John had a pretty good day today, and we are hoping that he sleeps well and is ready for another good day even if it is as the terror of toddlertown.

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