Saturday, May 20, 2006

A good day - on the whole

This morning John woke up happy and stayed that way, at least until it was time to go to bed this evening. He has done some pretty impressive work that has us happy and looking forward to his GI appointment on Tuesday. We were given instructions that when John started looking like his stool was getting too thick to give him some help with a suppository. He needed one after he woke up because of what we saw, and he didn't fuss much about it. Actually mom and dad have more trouble with it than he does.
All went well until about an hour after breakfast when he started puking. He gave us back all that he had for breakfast and then some. But after getting cleaned up having a little tummy rest and a little nap he was ready to go. We took him around the block in his gait trainer and he helped move himself pretty well most of the way. When we were on the street behind our house we looked back to see what looked like a straight line of brown paste in the middle of the road. We looked down at John's shoes and saw what you guess we saw. Apparently the help we gave him really worked.
After nap time and lunch we had some good playtime with a game called UNO Attack that uses a card spitting machine as part of the game. John enjoyed repeatedly pressing the button that would sound a bell every time but would spit out multiple cards randomly. Then John watched TV with dad while mom worked on Sunday service bulletins. All in all he was very happy playing with books and dad's nose, eyes, ears, and hair, until he was ready for bed then nothing would make him happy until we had changed into pj's said prayers sang a hymn and went to bed. He is now sleeping soundly and peacefully. What a sweetie pie.

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