Friday, May 19, 2006

Anything for a laugh!

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John's day was great, it was better than great, John's day was awesome - and so of course then was ours!

John woke up this morning with chatter and smiles. We had to take him to get his labs checked and he 'talked' all the way to Marshall. On the way home he had a great time eating egg from McDonalds and chatting up a storm.

We got home just in time for Miss Desiree, John's OT to be here. She had new things for him to play with and new things for him to do and he loved it. She helped him into a crawling type position, on his hands and knees, and he was able to stay there for a few seconds at a time on his own. This is a big deal for John, his arms have never been strong enough to do that before. She brought a See-n-Say for him to play with and he loved it. He was all smiles the entire time that she was here, even though she really made him work hard.

After she left we got his lab numbers. The CO2 that had been down to 14 is now up to 27, that's good, that's darn good! And you can see it in John's face, his actions and his attitude. When his electrolyte numbers are off he's cranky, easily offended, and tired but on days like today when his numbers are good he is full of mischief and smiles.

We did find out one very important thing today. No matter how much Maggie, the little black evilness of a dog, likes John throwing food on the floor, or better yet handing it to her, she does not appreciate having a glass of milk kicked over on her, and she will not lick up the milk no matter what you do. She is just offended, go figure.

This afternoon John came down to the basement with us to watch a little tv and cool down, it was hot here today, he enjoyed playing with books and then his silliness got the best of him and he started sprinkling himself with water from his sippy cup and giggling. I'm not sure if the water was funny, or the repeated efforts to sprinkle his own head and konking himself in the head with the sippy cup was the deal, but at any rate there were lots of giggles, both from John and us.

He finished the evening with scrambled eggs for supper, the milk incident, and then pulling his ears out during prayers, and asking to have them back in. When he finally got to bed he was ready to be there and is now sleeping peacefully. The dog however is still offended!

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