Saturday, May 13, 2006

Getting Bigger?

I checked and the last pic that we had of John before our last camera died was on 3/1/06, this is the new picture from today. Does look a little older, bigger, and oh can you see the sillier?

John's day has been good despite an episode of puking at the end of his nap. It's that poop story again, he woke up this morning with poop solid enough that it fell out of his pj's onto the floor, at least it missed my foot. Anyway his stomach was starting to get distended and we could tell that he was starting to get uncomfortable. He did sit on the counter this morning and when breakfast was done and I was taking it to the table he got hold of Mark's hands and put them under his, as in "pick me up dad and get me over there now!" He ate okay for breakfast and had a great time playing with things.

After the nap and puking he played really well and then ate supper too, actually he had basically the same thing for supper that he had for breakfast, pumperknicel bread and butter, but he was eating so we were happy. He had another big poop explosion, his 2nd for the day, so his stomach now is back to normal looking, and so was ready for some playing time with dad. John sat on the floor and played with dad for a while and then was ready for bed. As a treat, and because it seems that a little something sweet helps him keep things moving through his system, dad went and got him a donut from Casey's. Of course the sweet ladies at church bring Casey's donuts to church enough that John knew exactly what was in the box when Mark came back through the door and held his arms out squealing. He was eager to eat a dozen or so bites of donut and would have eaten a bunch more, but then it was bed time.

I can hear him, he's not quite asleep yet, but playing with his friends, the tons of stuffed animals in the crib with him. When I go in later to change out formula bags and such there will animals everywhere. It's really cute and I would take a pic of that, but of course the flash would wake him up and that would not be entertaining in the least.

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