Thursday, May 11, 2006

Not Quite the Terror!

John's day was better, he still isn't eating as good as he was a couple days ago, but we go through this now and again. He was in a much better mood though and didn't pull his ears nearly as much. While I was cooking supper this evening he had a great time stirring his hot wheels cars with a big wooden spoon. It was very cute! He did spend some time in his gait trainer today, and got a little better with going where he wanted to go. At one point he was able to toddle over and throw all the spices off the bottom of the spice rack and he was also doing well enough that he was able to follow us around on purpose. All in all it was a better day, and now he is sleeping peacefully storing up energy for tomorrow. Miss Shawna comes tomorrow and I know he will be excited to see her.

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