Tuesday, March 22, 2005

On To Plan B

Plan A - diluting John's formula and increasing the rate until he could be IV fluid free resulting in puking at 3am. But John is still doing well and we are on to Plan B which if it goes well will also result in no IV fluids. It is necessary that he gets a new broviac central line placed, that should happen on Thursday. Because of necessity of frequent blood draws, and need for quick IV fluids while we are trying to get him stable, he needs a new line. But they are going to give him a little dose of anti-fungal every week to help ward off infection and they are hopeful that we can have the line removed permanently in the next couple of months.

For the moment it looks like we will be discharged on Friday, although they are sounding like they want to keep us close so we may end up at Ronald McDonald house here in town for a while. Every one is trying very seriously to keep John off of TPN - he came off yesterday.

We'll let you know how plan B is going, and if it doesn't work there are already other plans being hatched ;-) Thanks again for your prayers, love and support. In Christ's Love, Mark, Gina and John - who is doing great and smiling lots

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