Saturday, March 26, 2005


Tina's here tonight. Surprised that we are still here. Oh well. She told me about a therapeutic leave - talked to Mark and I think we are going to try for one on MOnday if John is doing well.

For the moment he's doing great. Of course, that's after he puked twice tonight. I attribute the 1st to pushing meds too fast but with the 2nd one I don't know. Tina's going to wake me at 4. If John hasn't puked by then or the ferrel valve isn't real high we're going to bring him to 37. I'm looking forward to seeing his labs in the morning.

Christy is the roommates nurse. She sure loves on John. She's another one who brings up John's biological mom often. I guess we've been through so much with John that it's hard for me to think of him having another mom. I don't ever want to hide from him that he's adopted but I never want him to think that we could have loved him any differently if he had been born to us. I pray that God always gives us the wisdom to handle this right so that he never ever feels that he is anything less that our perfect, lovely son.

At the same time they've found him another wife. They are too funny. The nurses are PCA's keep 'fixing' him up with other chronic kids. I keep thinking sister but of course these wild women are planning weddings!

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