Friday, March 25, 2005

Good Friday

John's broviac was placed yesterday. Despite it being the 6th line Dr. Keshan said it went in easy. The night went well. Mark's at home, of course, and we miss him but I'm determined to remain positive about things. John looks good. His labs, well his bicarb is now up to 35. Still running D10 w/acetate but have cut acetate in half and since bicarb is continuint to rise and feeds are started we cut the rate from 45 to 20. Today should prove interesting. TPN starts again today - I'm asking for only 12 hours but we'll see how that goes. It's still hard to sit here - but we are going to get out and go do stuff and that will make it easier by a long shot. Dr. Peggy Chern - 1st year resident, ours for a couple more weeks I believe; very good, one of the best that I've seen around here - not that we've seen lots of bad ones, just that she's one of those that is especially good. One of the pastors is supposed to be in tonight. That will make things easier, I need that help focusing on Christ and His Word. I told Mark I feel very disconnected here, and I do, but much of that is my own fault for letting myself be that way.

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