Saturday, December 29, 2007

Baseline Belly

John slept better last night than he's slept all week and this morning he woke up with a baseline belly - um, well, okay his belly looked like it should, not swollen or distended and he's been in a fantastic mood all day. It makes me think that we won't be in Omaha for long, and though at this point I'd still like to skip the trip I think it's in his best interest that he gets a good looking at before he comes back home. I imagine our days in Omaha will center around walking everywhere in the hospital and trying to see how many automatic doors we can open. I'm toying with not taking my computer, as I really don't want to have to lug the screen and all with me if we're just coming right back home. What I should be doing while I'm there is knocking a few books off my reading list, at the moment the pile is getting pretty deep, but for now it's back to sewing some badly needed clothes, contemplating what I'm cooking for brunch with the OAFC kids tomorrow and toying with what I need to pack.


The Hen (Charity) said...

I am sorry that I can not be there for you right now. I am chatching up on reading about John at my parents house. I will try to give you a call on Tuesday.

Cheryl said...

I am glad to hear of some encouraging signs! Praying for you all.

Gina said...

Thanks Cheryl and I enjoyed getting to talk to you Charity, we'll be back on the 14th and hopefully not sooner ;)