Monday, December 10, 2007


Well okay, I'm sure that most little boys who will be 4 years old on Thursday weigh a lot more, but today our little piglet is 28.6 pounds, .4 pounds shy of having gained 10 pounds since August - he looks like a hoglet to me!

His cold is getting better and he's getting wilder and more fun each day. His new favorite trick when he's sitting in his chair is to reach out as far as he can, grab on to whatever he can get and pull, this is made much more fun if it means that he's getting closer to the computer or better yet pulling on your clothes and 'following' you around the kitchen. I noticed today while he was riding in the basket at HyVee that he no longer sits still either, he was patting his hands on the handle, bopping his feet around and generally just being wiggly, all pleasant things to see.

We didn't go to Omaha for our clinic visit today because of the weather, and sure enough a little boy is settled in his bed and the freezing rain is laying it's icy fingers across our world, sure is nice to be snug and safe at home.


AmusedMomma said...

Delighted to read about continued progress and growth!


Gina said...

Thanks! We're delighted to watch it, I think he gets sillier with each passing day.